Training Rallies

  • Training rallies are on the Second Saturday and Fourth Sunday with occasional changes, but all are notified if there are changes. ​Everyone on the grounds must sign in at the clubhouse and provide a horse health declaration, which are available from the clubhouse and can be printed from PCA website.
  • Summer rallies begin at;
    • 7.30am for setup with those that can help and arrive early
    • 8.15 Ready to ride for Troop Drill
    • 8.30 First structured lesson/activity begins. 
    • 9.15 Change over - toilet/drink /snack
    • 10.15 Change over - toilet/drink/snack
    • 11.15 Theory and Lunch
    • After lunch - Some pack up from pack up crew - Your choice lessons and tips with remaining Coaches, depending on weather. 
    • 1.30 -2.00pm - Lets go home
  • It is great if everyone can be on their horses and ready to go by troop drill or first activity. 
  • Riders can leave at any point in the day, we know our little ones especially need flexibility so coaches will work with and around them as they can.           
  • Riders are broken into groups based on ability and age. 
  • Coaches are all trained and also volunteers, they try really hard to include the disciplines riders are interested in, into their lessons, as well as working on helping to improve overall riding skills.  
  • Winter Training Rallies begin setup an hour later.