Beautiful Rain for our Super Horses and Riders

Last Saturday Amelia Speed rode wonderfully on her pony Heidi, at the Yandina Tetrathalon, Congratulations Amelia. In a Tetrathalon, the rider swims, runs, shoots a professional lazer gun and rides a jump course, its a big race, keep it up Amelia. Many riders trained at the Saturday rally and our older children rode carefully over a jump course. Hannah, Carlea, Piper and Dean were doing really well, while Hannah Baade showed everyone her jumping skills on Gumby, these two are becoming a great team, and Carlea and her pony Dash are just going better every week. The younger kids also had a go and did well, great running from some mums. Great work everyone, keep riding and keep smiling.

On Sunday several riders went to Hervey Bay PC for their rally and to attend the nutrition clinic run by Ebony Cox, this was well attended and Ebony shared a lot of important information with everyone. Huge thanks to Ebony and Hervey Bay PC. Afterwards the club members attending headed to Dundowran for a lovely beach ride with their horses.

This coming weekend the Hervey Bay Equitation and showjumping is sadly cancelled due to the wet weather.

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