Facility Rules and Procedures

Widgee Sports and Recreation Grounds are a shared facility originally developed for local sports, primarily horse sports, music and recreation. The grounds do provide camping facilities for short stays for travellers. Over many years local people have developed the grounds to what they are today through horse events, music events, fundraising and grants.

Things to Remember

1. Always close the gates when horse events are on.

2. Pony Club Riders must ride in approved Pony Club Tack with a current helmet.

3. Be careful with dogs, if your dog is well behaved if may be with a non rider being monitored, but we have many young riders so its important to keep your dog on a leash. 

4. Sometimes there are campers at the grounds, if you are first there, let them know that Pony Club will be on and carefully explain the upcoming event to the campers so they can be in a safe area when riding activities begin. 

5. Do not litter and pick up rubbish you see laying around.

6. Pony Club Riders can use the yards for their horses, the wash bay and have exclusive use of the top arena.

7. Avoid parking under big gum tree branches or riding under them when its every windy. 

8. Enter through the gate near to the Pony Club sign or the bottom gate on Woolooga Rd.

9. If your horse kicks put a red ribbon in its tail to let people know.